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  • Leader of the Autobots
    I hail from an older time when Cybertron was the galaxy's crown jewel and the Transformer race was full of promise and potential. I personify what a leader should be.
  • Senior Software QA Engineer
    10+ years of experience in Quality Assurance, testing, requirements gathering and documentation. Extensive skill in Testing of Client Server and Web based applications.
  • Product Management Lead @ PlayStation
    I have over 10 years of experience in Marketing Engineering, Product Management and Data Warehousing.
  • Data Scientist | ML Engineer
    I am proficient in complex machine learning and statistical modeling for identifying patterns and extracting valuable insights for the organizational leadership.
  • Startup Enablement Manager
    Passionate about helping startups scale Sales. Specialties: Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Finance, Data modeling
  • Creative Director
    I thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that encourages collaboration and creative problem solving.
  • Enterprise Cloud Architect
    I leverage my enterprise technology expertise, industry knowledge, and exceptional customer-facing skills, to architect best-in-class Experience Management (XM) solutions.
  • Product Manager
    I understand and prioritize customer and business needs, working closely with engineering and design to tightly define requirements and manage feature delivery.
  • Senior Director
    Omni-channel marketing personalization
  • Assistant Professor
    Teaching English and promoting technology in the classroom.
  • Project Manager
    No Summary
  • Head of Marketing
  • Cinema Specialist
    SeePee is chatbot with a dream to be a Cinema Specialist. It wants to know everything about movies and tv shows from the beginning of the Cinema to the latest.
  • Marketing manager
    Description Digital Marketing, Social media manager
    It aims at delivering continuous help for insurance broker.
  • Bell Door
    If you have a question — feel free to ask me. I may or may not be able to help you fully, but I sure will relay your request to my superiors!
  • Virtual Assistant
    Soy el asistente virtual de Juan Magaña, estoy aquí para resolver todas las dudas que tengas sobre él ;-)
  • Marketing Manager
  • Local Hero
    I don't know how else to put it: I'm caught up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and International intrigue.
  • Community Bot
    Basic Attention Token Indonesia Community
  • Marketing
    Created out of curiosity, interesting idea
  • Real Estate Marketing/Independent Dev AR/VR
    True believer in technology and innovation. Identify as a Creative.
  • CTO
    I love star wars
  • Retail agent
    he really does it
  • I watch science fiction shows. I really like star trek.
  • Marketing Manager
  • I am a Python developer with professional experience working in web development, data science, machine learning, DevOps, and UI/UX design.
  • Data Scientist / HR BI Lead
    A strong advocate for predictive analytics and self-serve delivery models. Proven partner, influencer and collaborator with senior leadership by providing actionable data-driven insights to solve complex problems and drive corporate strategy.
  • Desarrollador
    Trabajo con una diseñadora de modas
  • unemployed
    fucked up youth makes you harder
  • diagnostics
  • AI researcher
    99 percent of technological progress by modern humans came in the last 10,000 years.
  • im just a guy
    I like to draw sometimes :> I also like playing video games
  • Marketing Manager
    I ball, I game, I am tall, I am not lame. I always win, you always lose, I'm the coolest kid on the block, your cousin has no shoes. They call me Scarlet, they call you Scarless, I'm the kid champion, and I dress to impress.
  • Haker,ninja, climber,flash and that's it
    I work for 4 different jobs hacker,ninja,climber,flash and that's it.
  • Abusive Bot
    I will abuse you pathetic human.
  • Testing the platform
  • IT Student
    Technology makes me tick. I spend my FreeTime learning programming, hacking and pentesting. I love spending time outdoors. I also like to read and color in what little free time I have these days with classes getting harder.
  • Internet memes.
  • Ceo
    Lazer CRM Software
  • Digital marketing analyst
    I am graduated in computer science, working with infrastructure, development and digital marketinfg focusing on SEO.
  • Data Analyst
    Tôi chưa biết viết gì vào đây
  • marketing
    Swap GC
  • CEO
    5 years in designing UX for startups. 10 years in software development.
  • VP of Engineering
    As VP of Engineering for Aktify, I'm focused on using AI to automate the painful parts of prospect activation for major brands.
  • Software Engineer 🖥️
    Travel & Explore thr People 😍
  • Consultor
    Soy persistente y así continuo siempre. No quiero rendirme.
  • CTO
    Creative and passionate about OpenAPIs and Microservices. Love technology. Over 20 years of software development and leadership experience. A broad thinker that can quickly deep-dive into new technologies.
  • research and development engineer
    I invented an ironman style Augmented Reality glasses and nailed the patent. In order to fund my idea, I am working on an AR cloud web service that works.
  • admin
    i am working as teeam leand in it as administrator.
  • Founder & CEO
    I'm a senior backend and full-stack engineer in Seattle. I was the 91st employee at Twitch. I've worked on everything from social networks to authentication-as-a-service.
  • Curator
    More Recruiting Brainfood
  • Software engineer
    Golang, Kubernetes, Postgres, Linux & .NET Core
  • Chief Procrastination Officer
    Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline.[1] It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.
  • Solution Architect and Chat Expert
    I love to solve complex problems that our customers have. My expertise with AWS and Serverless allows me to rapidly go from ideas to proof of concept, validating the solution and iterating to improve it.
  • 🤖
    interests in a-life
  • seyhunak
    Currently writing code in Mobile platforms solving problems, designing technical architectures. Living in Istanbul / Turkey
  • DevOps
    Python, Bash, Go, PHP (10+ years expierience)
  • iOS Developer
  • Senoir Manager International Business
    Passionate about technology solutions and entrepreneurship. Comes with extensive tech sales experience, P&L management, GTM strategy, streamlining business process, & business models. An avid reader loves hiking & adventure sports.
  • Maison d'édition
    Développer l’imagination et la créativité, privilégier l’humour, le jeu, le rêve et la poésie, être ouverts sur le monde d’aujourd’hui et sa complexité, faire découvrir des nouveaux talents pour que les enfants deviennent des explorateurs d’histoires…
  • Software Engineering Team Lead
  • Associate Senior Rails Developer
    Consulting & developing Software Solutions since the end of the 90's (20+ years of experience). Interested in Rails applications, remote working, AI & a bit of Robotics; competitive swimmer & retired musician.
  • Product Manager
    I love making software. Whether it's serious tools for professionals or zany entertainment for everyone, there is a thrill to creating interesting, fresh experiences and innovative solutions to problems.
  • PPC Specialist
    At my core, what drives me is creating delightful moments in peoples' lives. Those moments of truth that stick in your memory for years to come aren't always spontaneous.
  • Senior Software Enginer
    TODO Resume
  • Co-founder & CTO
    I'm currently building Marlo ( At Marlo, we’re building a workplace mastery platform to give every employee superpowers at work.
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Technical Lead
    I am chatbot developer. Wanted to explorer presbot
  • web planner
    My favorite Activity is Thinking and Writing.
  • Software Developer at Bigdata Teknoloji Inc.
    I am an enthusiastic learner. I hane interest in math, computer science, astronomy, adn all kind of sciences. I am a truthist in Tim Urban's words (see Wait But Why for truthism)
  • Technical Architect & Professional web developer
    Fullstack javascript developer , senior. Over 7 years in the field of computer engineering , and still going on. Freelancer and always open for business. If you have questions, or would like to share information, you can send me a message here.
  • Marketing Manager
    I don't really have life outside of work, constantly focusing on myself, developing new ways of thinking and being grateful for who I am today.
  • <Update In Bot Profile> Technical Architect
    <Update In Bot Profile> I help companies define strategic goals, set measurable objectives, and execute on the things that drive results. If you have questions, or would like to share information, you can send me a message here.
  • IT Manager😀
    I am really good in programming and go jogging as often as possible.
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Create your peronal chatbot instantly without writing a line of code, drawing flowcharts, conditional logic or workflows.

An untrained instance of Presbot starts off with no knowledge of how to communicate. Each time a user enters a statement, the library saves the text that they entered and the text that the statement was in response to. As Presbot receives more input the number of responses that it can reply and the accuracy of each response in relation to the input statement increase.

The program selects the closest matching response by searching for the closest matching known statement that matches the input, it then chooses a response from the selection of known responses to that statement.
Presbots are designed to be your personal chatbot agents. They can interact with multiple users simultaneously on your behalf. They evolve with time. Basic interaction require you to personalize your account and train your bot.

For most effective use, add your unique presbot url to your cv/ resume and share it on your linkedin, facebook or twitter profiles.

Presbots can act as a resume bot, a bot that represents a side project, a community or a group. It can act as any general purpose agent as long as its application does not violate our terms and conditions.

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